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Give a Kid a Chance - SERVE & GIVE

August 17, 2019 Free
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Dates & Times

  • Aug 17, 2019
    8:00am - 1:00pm

Attendee Types

  • Backpack Team
    Free Full
  • Childcare Team
    Free Full
  • Decoration Team
    Free Full
  • Food Team
    Free Full
  • Frontline Team
    Free Full
  • Medical Team
    Free Full
  • Outdoor Entertainment Team
    Free Full
  • Prayer Team
    Free Full
  • Registration Team
    Free Full
  • Student Connection Team
    125 remaining
  • T-Shirt Team
    Free Full
  • Video/Photography Team
    Free Full
  • I'm not able to serve on Aug 17, but would like to equip a child with a backpack ($35)

About Give a Kid a Chance - SERVE & GIVE

Opportunities to Serve

Student Connection Team: Help our guests feel welcomed in a new place by guiding them through the event! Engage with our guests as you guide and support them through the day. Serve our guests by seeking ways to engage them in spiritual conversations. As opportunities allow, you will use God's Word and lead someone towards faith in Christ.

FULL - Backpack Team: Fill book bags prior to GAKAC

FULL - Childcare Team: Love on and care for the children of our volunteers

FULL - Decoration Team: Decorate the WC with a kid-friendly theme

FULL - Food Team: Prepare and serve a hot dog meal for each for each of our guests and volunteers

FULL - Frontline: We are looking for people to smile, open doors, answer questions and make our guests feel at home.

FULL - Medical Teams: Provide hearing, vision, dental, asthma and scoliosis screenings. We need both health care professionals, as well as, inexperienced volunteers to help with sign-in, etc.

FULL - Outdoor Entertainment Team: Oversee the safety of our guests and provide a fun experience while on the inflatables and games

FULL - Prayer Team: Pray for our guests and families by name, volunteers and all aspects of GAKAC day.

FULL - Registration Team: Prepare registration packets prior to the day and check in each family the day of GAKAC

FULL - T-Shirt Team: Organize and distribute t-shirts to guests

FULL - Translation Team: Translate Spanish as needed throughout the day for our Spanish-speaking guests

FULL - Video/Photography: Capture the impact of GAKAC through photography and video